Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sept to October Cycling before my holiday

Well is never easy daily riding to work and burn my weekends just for Togo challenge.

August completing of togo817 hop on sept togo1117

The next chanllege is togo 1117km in 8 weeks but due to family holiday crash I squeeze all my time and push for completing it in 4-5 weeks.



July’s activity of my cycling journey

In July I had taken part out famous forum in Singapore Togoparts challenge 817km in 8 weeks
However I took up this togochallenge late therefore I am left with limited time.
I manage to complete the challenge and attended their ceremony for jersey collection and lucky draw. As usual not that lucky hahah.

Monday, December 4, 2017

A ride with TFR due to public holiday

A simple ride with TFR with breakfast and coffee at the end of ride.

Pula ubin ride with my dear son

Well is a suppose hang out day with family at ubin.
Riding half way notice he fallen a sleep with cute position. 

Specialized try out day

Special thanks to Singapore specialized to orange the try out event of their bike to let more riders knowing their bike performance.

Ucycling New Jersey day

As it had been sometime since Ucycling been talking abt New Jersey, the day had finally came. 
U cycling is a sub group of Usport by NTUC
So basically they comes with perks and support most of the time.

Every ones are happy as we finally got our New Jersey....

The continue of my cycling journey

Sorry due to work commitment and kid at home, times are limited and I have not been updating.
I shall try my best to close up what I had been doing the past few months from where I had stopped.

Basically in June 03 2017 locally Team next Stage had opened a Social ride for other who are interested to try riding with them. They are basically those riders doing Iron Man, Tri etc and some represent Singapore in sea games....

Had one a nice ride with them clocking some good PR from Strava as their pace is much faster than normally I did. And also this will tell me where I am weak on and improve myself . Basically the route are from orchard - Scott road- novena- Thomson - mandai- Lck- Boon Lay shell - Jalan buro- wchw- Maxwell and end around there

This is the meeting place. Surprising lots of riders

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A change of groupset

Yes since is a new frame that comes with pf30 bottom bracket , I decided to have my groupset changed to match same time for light weight 

The new frame

As many had known that the Fuji SL1.1 frame set is one of the lightest frameset made. Furthermore with a small rear triangle structure for stiffness and better for climbing.
With a frameset including fork (steertub uncut) and headset bearings and spacer. It weight around 1140gram. Which is around all the light weight bike range....

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The new year the new bike

If you guys had notice on my last post video, yes I had my bike changed.
will update on the bike building up soon